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ELFEi Conversion Kit

ELFEi Conversion Kit

What is an E-Bike Conversion Kit?

With an E-Bike Conversion Kit you can convert your “regular” bicycle within a few hours or less into an adequate e-bike. A typical E-Bike Conversion Kit contains of the following components. The electric hub motor can either be in the fron or in the rear wheel. We also sell completely handbuild wheels for easier installation. Every Conversion Kit needs a controller, which in some kits has to be mounted seperately, whereas in other kits it is integrated into the hub motor. Next to the controller you need either a pedal assist sensor, a torque sensor or a throttle to control the motor power. The last and in most cases, the most expensive component is the battery. All our E-Bike Conversion Kits feature the latest Lithium-Ion technology to ensure low weight, long distances and a long battery lifetime.

Advantages of E-Bikes

Looking at the rapidly rising gas prices and the short parking areas in the cities, the E-Bike becomes serious alternative to the car. Especially in urban areas where the average distance is between 3 to 8 kilometers, electric bikes gain more and more popularity. You don’t sweat anymore on the way to your office like you did with a regular bicycle, so with an E-Bike you can suddenly ride even longer distances to work and back home.

An additional benefit is your improved fitness. Even though you are assisted by an electric hub motor, you are still an active rider and activate your metabolism.

Sx2 Tuning Dongle for Bosch



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