ELFEi Conversion Instruction Video online now

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instruction video

An expert customer of ours produced a high-quality instruction video showing step by step how to convert your cycle into an e-bike with our ELFEi conversion kit. Watch it on Youbube now!


New stuff available

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Busch & Mueller E-Werk

Busch & Mueller E-Werk

After quite some time we have finally managed to extend our range of products a little. The popular ELFEi control panels are now available on individually to retro-fit other motors. After all we can offer matching grip throttles for our throttle controllers online as well now.


Now available: Bafang electric drives for 20″ and 24″ wheels

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Bafang Hinterradmotor, selbstverständlich auch als Vorderradmotor erhältlich

Bafang back wheel drive, of course also available as front wheel drive

In order to live up to a great deal of enquiries we have the popular Bafang hub drives for 20” and 24” wheels in stock from now on. They are perfect for converting recumbent cycles, trikes, folding bikes or BMX bikes into e-bikes / pedelecs.


Will 500 Watt motors be legal soon?

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EU commission

As already reported in an earlier article, ETRA (European Two-wheel Retailers’ Association) had decided to enter into a dialogue with the EU commission in order to improve the legal situation for electric bicycles. This has happened now: In Brussels, ETRA advocated an increased maximum motor performance of 500W in comparison to now 250W for license-free electric bicycles.


Certified by Trusted Shops

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Das Trusted Shops Gütesiegel kennzeichnet Seriöse Online Shops

The Trusted Shops seal of quality identifies reliable online shops

Since October 1st 2010, the German equivalent to the ebike-easy.com online shop – “Elektrofahrrad-einfach.de” – is also among those certified online shops which are officially allowed to bear the Trusted Shops seal of quality.
Shopping online is easy and convenient. However, not any vendor is reliable. In order to prove our reliability to our customers, we took every effort to have our online shop put to the acid test. The German financial newspaper “Handelsblatt” has confirmed that Trusted Shops is the market leader for safe shopping in Europe. The success of Trusted Shops is based on a unique concept consisting of retailer certification, web seals of quality, consumer protection and customer service.


Pedelec novelties at the Eurobike 2010

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Der e-Rider von Conway

e-Rider by Conway

Also this year the ebike-easy team visited the Eurobike fair in order to detect the upcoming trends for the next bike season. One thing became quite obvious: 2011 is going to be the year of the pedal assist e-bike. There was hardly an exhibitor who didn’t have at least one electric bicycle on display.

However, besides the usual pedelecs, this year’s fair offered quite some promising models for offroad use.


Impressions from the Bike Expo 2010

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Bike-Expo logo

For the second time the fair “Bike Expo” was held in Munich this year. The doors were open from July 22nd to July 25th, the first two days being for the professional audience only, while private visitors had to resort to the weekend. According to the organizers, the fair was very successful. There were more than 14% professional audience than the year before, and all in all there were over 5000 professional visitors. In addition to that, more than 20,000 interested private persons came to visit.


ELFEi e-bikes in the testing phase

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Der Prototyp des ersten ELFEi Pedelecs

Prototype of our first ELFEi pedelecs

With ELFEi conversion kits being so successful, we are planning to offer also ready-made ELFEi e-bikes and are already testing some first prototypes. Despite the looks being rather “downhill”, we really built an electrified “urban bike”. Similar to the Supermoto Bikes we used sturdy downhill components. However, the spring deflection was remarkably reduced for riding in the city. The especially wide and puncture-proof balloon tyres and the full suspension, which is well-suited for city rides, provide a very comfy ride. Due to the short stem and the wide handlebar an upright sitting position is possible.


More power: 500 Watt e-bike motor available now

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500 W Bafang BPM UMbausatz

500 W Bafang BPM conversion kit

In the past, performance-demanding customers have been asking for stronger motors over and over again. Up until now, the strongest we had to offer was our 350 Watt conversion kit. Now we have recently capped it all: Our new 500 Watt conversion kit with Bafang BPM motor is the most powerful one.


E-bike pulls school bus

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E-Bike zieht Bus

E-Bike pulls bus

We can see that electric bicycles are really powerful every day when we work on our own projects and kits. The Canadian e-bike enthusiast Stéphane Melançon has just prooved that himself in another way: With his own self-made electric bike he pulled a complete school bus! The video on youtube doesn’t only show that such a thing is possible, but also how many people are interested in things like that and cam to watch the e-bike in action. (weiterlesen…)

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