ELFEi BionX Tuning Tool

ELFEi BionX Tuning Tool
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ELFEi BionX Tuning Tool ELFEi BionX Tuning Tool


Finally it is possible for everybody to tune your BionX system yourself within a few minutes only. In next to no time you repeal the Vmax limitation of the BionX System. You just plug the ELFEi BionX Tuning Tool between the BionX control panel and the battery and you can set the maximum speed up to 43 mph (70 km/h). After that you just unplug the BionX Tuning Tool again. In the same way you can you can reset the maximum speed to its original value.

The ELFEi BionX Tuning Tool is working with all BionX systems from 2009 and up (CanBus).

How to use the ELFEi BionX Tuning Tool:

The tool is easily pluged between the connectors of the control panel and battery.

  • You can set Vmax to one of the presets 25/35/45/55/65 km/h or choose an individual Vmax between 1 - 70 km/h (1 - 43 mph).
  • In case of having a thumb throttle you can set an individual Vmax for the throttle.
  • Furthermore you can check and transfer your mileage to another console and you can check how often your ebike was turned on or how often the battery was charged.

ELFEi BionX Tuning Tool Video for individual Vmax setting

Please be aware that the BionX Tuning Tool is limited to one BionX system only. With one Tuning Tool you can tune one BionX system only, but as many times as you desire.

The Tuning Tool has to be unpluged after setting the desired Vmax.

The tuning may avoid the manufacturer's warranty on your system. Due to higher maximum speed your bicycle might not be street legal in your country anymore.

The maximum possible highspeed depends on the BionX system which is used.

The ELFEi BionX Tuning Tool is not suitable for SMART, GRACE or DIAMANT e-bikes!